Looking for Smileys Fish & Kebab Telephone Number ?

Smileys Fish & Kebab is located at 138 Ham Road East Worthing West Sussex BN11 2QS

Do you know you can now order online from Smileys Fish & Kebab?    


You can telephone them direct by calling 0871 986 1111 and entering this code 0144#

Calls cost 10p per minute from BT landlines ( included free in some BT packages ). Other networks and mobiles may vary.
Customer service 0800 061 2260

The good news is that Smileys Fish & Kebab is now online!
You can see the menu, current prices AND order online by clicking on the link to www.TakeAwayMenu.com. If you don't fancy the Smileys Fish & Kebab there are over 100 local takeaways to choose from.

It's much better than using the telephone as you can see the prices, the whole menu and place your order at the click of a button.

You can add special instructions too - ask for something a little different without being frighten of being laughed at!
Unlike telephone ordering there is little chance of the order getting confused. www.TakeAwayMenu.com will send your order directly to Smileys Fish & Kebab and keep you updated on it's progress.

Please try ordering online now by clicking on this link and see for yourself how easy it is! www.TakeAwayMenu.com

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Prawn Cocktail


Lamb Doner Small

Lamb Doner Large

Lamb Doner X-Large

Chicken Doner Small

Chicken Doner Large

Chicken Doner X-Large

Kofte Kebab Small

Kofte Kebab Large

Kofte Kebab X-Large

Shish Kebab Small

Shish Kebab Large

Shish Kebab X-Large

Chicken Kebab Small

Chicken Kebab Large

Chicken Kebab X-Large

Mixed Kebab

House Special 1

House Special 2

Sirloin Steak

Wrap Kebabs

Lamb Doner Wrap

Chicken Doner Wrap

Kofte Kebab Wrap Small

Kofte Kebab Wrap Large

Shish Kebab Wrap Small

Shish Kebab Wrap Large

Combination Kebab

Shish & Doner

Shish & Chicken Kebab

Shish & Kofte

Chicken Kebab & Kofte

Chicken Doner & Lamb Doner

Kofte & Doner


1/4 Pounder

1/4 Pounder with Cheese

1/2 Pounder

1/2 Pounder with Cheese

Big Boy Burger (Triple Burger)

Vege Burger 1/4

Vege Burger 1/2

Vege Burger Triple

Garlic Burger 1/4

Garlic Burger 1/2

Garlic Burger Triple

Chilli Burger 1/4

Chilli Burger 1/2

Chilli Burger Triple

Hawaiian Burger 1/4

Hawaiian Burger 1/2

Hawaiian Burger Triple

Chicken Burger 1/4

Chicken Burger 1/2

Chicken Burger Triple

Bacon Burger 1/4

Bacon Burger 1/2

Bacon Burger Triple

Egg Burger 1/4

Egg Burger 1/2

Egg Burger Triple

Egg & Bacon Burger 1/4

Egg & Bacon Burger 1/2

Battered Burger 1/4

Battered Burger 1/2

Meat & Chips

Lamb Doner Meat & Chips Small

Lamb Doner Meat & Chips Large

Chicken Doner Meat & Chips Small

Chicken Doner Meat & Chips Large

Jacket Potatoes All served with butter & salad




Tuna, Sweetcorn & Mayonnaise

Vege Kebab

Humus Kebab

Vine Leaves Kebab

Salad Kebab


Chips in Pitta

Chips & Salad in Pitta

Cheesey Chips Small

Cheesey Chips Large

Onion Rings (10 pcs)

Curry Sauce

Portion of Salad

Extra Pitta

Mushy Peas

Baked Beans

Drinks & Sweets




Can of Coke

Can of Diet Coke

Can of Pepsi Max

Can of Pepsi

Can of Lilt

Can of Iron Bru

Can of 7UP

Bottle of Coke

Bottle of Diet Coke

Bottle of Fanta

Milkshake Chocolate

Milkshake Strawberry

Milkshake Banana

American Style - Crispy Fried Chicken

1 Piece of Chicken

1 Piece of Chicken with Fries

2 Pieces of Chicken with Fries

Chicken Burger

Chicken Sandwich Single

Chicken Sandwich Double

Chicken Nuggets (10 or 5 Pcs) with Fries 5 Pieces

Chicken Nuggets (10 or 5 Pcs) with Fries 10 Pieces

Family Special

Fish & Chips

Cod Medium

Cod Large

Huss Medium

Huss Large

Haddock Medium

Haddock Large

Plaice Medium

Plaice Large

Scampi (10 Pieces)

Fish Cake

Chips Medium

Chips Large


Steak & Kidney

Chicken & Mushroom

Beef & Onion

Cornish Pastie


Jumbo Sausage

Sausage in Batter Medium

Sausage in Batter Large



Kids Menu

1 Small Sausage & Chips

1 Saveloy & Chips

4 Chicken Nuggets & Chips

1 Fish Cake & Chips

Kids Doner



Diet Coke


Diet Pepsi

Pepsi Max


Iron Bru




Diet Coke

Extra Fillings in Jacket Potato







Garlic Sauce

Chilli Sauce


Ketchup Sauce

1000 Island Sauce

No Sauce

This data was supplied by the Takeaway from printed menus. If there are any Trademark issues with the data supplied to us please contact the Takeaway direct and provide us with a copy of any correspondence, 24X Amelia House, Crescent Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 1RL, so we can remove any items immediately from the system.